Composite supports and hatches

Production of modern traffic poles made of composite materials – a great alternative to traditional materials that have been used previously: wood, steel, concrete, aluminum. Composite lighting columns are widely used in street and landscape lighting, used as flagpoles, masts and other structures of similar purpose. Types of composite poles Supports composite produced for different purposes and conditions of use: flange – possibility of anchoring to concrete base or a fixing; console – designed for installation directly into the ground; with technological hatch – to ensure the tightness of the internal space of the column. The assortment of composite poles are very diverse. The height varies from 7 to 13 m, the base diameter is 194-295 mm, top diameter dimension in all embodiments – 76 mm, weight 25 to 80 kg. Production of lighting poles Company CBI produces and sells lighting columns made of composite materials for several years and offers its customers a wide range of types and sizes of products. Implemented material wholesale and retail, in any quantity. Buying composite poles instead of the classic concrete options, you save time and money and get the material with unique performance, made in accordance with the requirements of ISO.

Characteristics of fiberglass, aluminum and steel

Features Glass Aluminium Steel
Strength, kg / m² 1600-2000 2700 2700
Breaking stress at compression (tension) MPa 410-1180 80-430 410-480
Breaking bending stress, MPa 690-1240 275 400
Tensile modulus, MPa 21-41 70 210
Flexural modulus, MPa 21-41 70 210
The coefficient of linear expansion of 10 ° C 5-14 140-190 11-14
Thermal conductivity, W / mK 0,25-0,3 140-190 46

Buy composite supports and hatches CBI – price from the manufacturer

Buy composite supports and hatches CBI You can make an order at our site, the price of the composite support much lower than in the metal so you can significantly reduce the cost estimates for the construction.